11 benefits of Government jobs you should know in 2020

11 Benefits of Govt jobs

Government or public sector jobs are the jobs that are managed by the Government of India that focus on following the laws and keeping the government itself running. There are many benefits and drawbacks to these govt jobs.

I am going to discuss the 11 benefits of government jobs that each and every one of you must be aware of as being a part of the Indian population. These 11 benefits of government jobs are considered into this list after

As we move forward, we may extend our focus to some of the key features of these jobs apart from the 11 benefits of government jobs that a person may experience if he gets appointed in a Govt organization.

11 benefits of government jobs

1. Good Salary

Most of the Government jobs are well paying. It is true that for the same post, for example let’s take the case of a driver, a government driver gets paid much more than a private sector driver.

A Government employee’s gross salary consists of TA, DA, Rent and other allowances. TA stands for Travel Allowances. It is a payment made to an employee to cover costs while travelling away from home, overnight, for work-related purposes.

Typically an allowance will cover accommodation or meals, or both. However, private sector workers do not usually receive TA along with their salary.

DA stands for Dearness Alowances. Dearness Allowance is paid by the government to its employees as well as a pensioner. The effective salary of government employees requires constant enhancement to help them cope up with the increasing prices.

Unlike TA, many private companies provide Dearness Allowances for their employees.

These benefits provided by both the private and the government sectors bring a thought in people’s minds about Govt jobs vs Private jobs.

2. High job security

Almost all Govt organizations provide very high job security to their employees. Govt employees are rarely fired on the basis of their performance.

In this article, we can observe a greater percentage of employees in the private sector get fired on the basis of their performance in respective departments.

Percentage of people fired for poor performance

Layoffs based on performance is a common occurrence in the private sector. Thus when it comes to choosing between Government jobs and Private jobs, people usually opt to work in the Public sector.

According to this article, in a certain year, India’s total labour force was 496 million. Among these, 17.61 million employees worked in the Government sector. ie, about 3.55% of the total labour force.

People who were employed in the private sector in that time period were about 11.45 million. ie, about 2.3% of the total labour force was employed in the private sector. Thus only about 6% of the total labour force worked in the formal sector.

The educational qualifications and many other requirements play a major role in people’s presence in various sectors. Criterion like job security is just one of them that determines if the employees will have a short term or long term career in their respective fields.

Percentage of people employed in various sectors

3. Retirement Benefits

Government employees get to enjoy good post-retirement benefits. They usually get to experience benefits like PF (Provident Fund). PF is an investment fund contributed by employees, out of which a lump sum is provided to each employee on retirement.

The employees also get other benefits like gratuity, pensions, etc. that helps them to stay tension free after their period of work in their respective Government departments.

However, on the other hand, almost all private sector companies do not provide post-retirement benefits to their employees.

4. Medical benefits

Availing decent medical care in our country has become much costly at present. The employees who work in the Govt sector normally get to experience decent medical cover for themselves and their families.

In case of emergency, the respective department head has the power to grant medical advance up to Rs 2 Lakh for serving employees. These facilities cannot be spotted in any of the private sector companies.

5. Fixed number of working hours

Almost all the Govt sector jobs follow fixed number of working hours and thus they don’t usually need to work overtime.

However, in certain important jobs like Police, Armed Forces, Drivers, and Railways need not follow the pattern of a fixed number of working hours as these services are always required anywhere at any time.

6. Higher social status

Government employees usually receive high respect in a social circle. Private sector employees do not receive such great respect when around in a social circle.

This is not the case for those employees who work abroad in the private sector. They receive comparatively more amount of money as compared to the private sector in a country like India.

7. Decent amount of holidays

In a country like India, that holds a lot of festivals for different religions and different states, the number of holidays you get in a Govt job is very high as compared to a private job.

The list of public holidays will show you how big the number is, when it comes to the number of public holidays in India.

The Govt organizations also provide certain other types of leaves like sick leaves and paid leaves. Combining all these leaves provides every Govt worker enough time to spend with his family and friends.

8. Various Bonuses

Various government organizations provide their employees with certain lumps of money at special occasions. These lumps of money are called bonuses.

The occations may be basically a public festivals that are celebrated all among the country in various places.

9. Maintain Work-Life balance

The point that these govt jobs provide the employees with a completely stressfree atmosphere and enough time to spend with the family helps the employees to maintain a peaceful work-life balance.

10. Housing Facility

All the employees who work at a public sector office need not live near or around the region where the office is situated. Thus they need to rent homes or opt to take homes for lease near the office.

This is not possible if the candidates are from a middle class family in this situation of high prices everywhere. Thus, certain Govt offices keep this in mind and provide their employees with housing facility.

As we know, this does not happen in the case of a private sector job.

11. Sense of Security

If the employees in the public sector possess a good salary that is paid to them on time, security for the job they do, health allowances throughout their life, they are expected to feel a sense of social security.

However, since these benefits are not available in the private sector, the employees are not expected to feel this sense of social security.


I have explained all the 11 benefits of Government jobs that I found in my research. Now it’s your turn to determine if these points seem beneficial to you or not.

If you have any queries regarding the content provided in this article, you may write them down in the comments section provided below.

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