How to apply for Govt jobs in 2020

How to apply for Govt jobs

It is very difficult to get a job these days due to the high educational requirements, fear of job loss, regular remuneration etc. These all things influence our mind to think “How to apply for Govt jobs?

In this article, I will try to explain the answer to this question of “How to apply for Govt jobs” and we will also look at some steps you should follow before trying to fix a particular Government department/ organization under which you will work for the rest of your life.

Tips on how to apply for Govt jobs

1.Have a positive attitude towards the job

The Government of India recently announced that they are reducing the number of Government jobs for a year. The main reason for this reduction is to manage it’s expenses. This announcement from the Govt of India broke the hearts of many aspirants.

However, one should understand that there are more than enough job posts vacant for the applicants to get posted in various states and in various departments. The mistakes that most of the people make is that they wait for the opportunities to find them.

But this is not the way it works. All you need to do is search for all the available jobs both online and offline and stay positive. Thus staying positive is the most important thing you need to do as you find an answer for “How to apply for Govt jobs”.

2.Show patience

State-wise PSC’s recruit candidates when the job posts get vacant. This means that they recruit only when active employees retire. Thus the candidates need to show patience in order to apply for such jobs.

Sometimes, the candidates need to wait for years and years in order to get appointed in some Govt. institution. Thus patience is the key to success in such scenarios.

3.Systematically prepare for exams

The candidates should regularly check multiple job posting sites in order to be familiar with the latest jobs published by various Govt. institutions.

Many sites provide previous year question papers which can be used to improve your skills to solve questions quickly. Solving such question papers also helps you to analyse the type of questions that may come for your exams.

There are several other ways to prepare for competitive exams conducted by the Govt. organisations. Thus, systematically preparing for competitive exams plays a key role in getting a Govt. job.

4.Choose a job that suits your interests

For accomplishing this mission, we have to use online and offline resources. You need to stay updated with the latest news published in the newspapers.

Reading regional newspapers and classifieds that publish about government jobs and vacancies also gives you an idea about various job vacancies you can choose from.

Other such source is online sites. Regularly visit trusted sites like to get updates of various government job vacancies.

You can use these sources to find a job that suits your interest as well as style. Personal interests should be given much importance here.

You also need to be aware that which exams are to be attended to obtain the job you like. For example, if you are not interested in applying for armed forces, you are not needed to attend exams like NDA, CDS, etc.

5.Have good communication skills

It is necessary that candidates must have good knowledge about Basic English and they should be able to have good communication skills, which is sufficient to keep up a conversation in English.

Having good English skills helps you to crack selection exams for most of the Government jobs. Learning to converse in standard English also increases your self-confidence.

6.Have logical and analytical ability

Almost all the government-related jobs and its exams include logical, analytical and numerical reasoning as one of the main factors so as to select candidates for the job post.

It is necessary that you try to develop such skills and abilities every day. This can be done by doing questions related to reasoning and analysis every day and practice them whenever you can.

Another factor that needs to be noted is the time management. So try to practice questions every day as if you are writing an exam, so as to make yourself more familiar to the limited time allotted.

7.Try to follow Government norms

Following Government norms and procedures is a must do for each and every Govt. job aspirant. The candidates must always respect the laws formulated by the Government and try not to work against it.

8.Be prepared in advance

The government department organises special tests and screening for a qualified candidate. So if you need to clear these tests conducted by the Govt. of India, you must stay prepared in advance.

Some things that influence the selection of a job

1.Selection of candidates based on their gender

These days, it is very common to see this gender-wise differentiated jobs. For example, the number of females working under the Electricity Boards of various states is much lower than that of their amount in medical or engineering sector.

Also, the number of females who decide to take a job are also very less. This is mostly because of the fact that female employees fear that they may face various discrimination if they start to work.

More than 39 percent of women work in occupations where women make up at least three-quarters of the workforce.Female veterans tend to continue their service in the labour force: About 3 out of 10 serve their country as government workers.

Women's Participation in various sectors

2.Selection depending upon the age of applicants

Different government jobs have different age limits. This generally ranges from 24 – 40 years for the general category. However, the reserved class including the OBC’s can avail upto 5 years of relaxation for several posts.

Thus, this topic is relevant because the applicants need to be aware of the fact that there are many Govt. jobs where the age requirement is very important. The candidates can make some research and try to understand which jobs they can apply at their current age.


I hope I have explained the answer to the question “How to apply for Govt jobs”. Also, I have explained various features of the Government jobs that influence the selection process.

If you have any doubts regarding the content provided in this article on “How to apply for Govt jobs in 2020”, you may write your queries in the comments section provided below.

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